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Monday, October 30, 2006

Starvin Marvin

Yes, that's me "Starvin Marvin"! Do you ever analize yourself? Usually I do not, but listening to our youngest daughter asking me questions about
when I was a kid....she gave me food for thought. (excuse the pun). For most of my adult life (except for 5 years after I had my children) I have been thin, but having a large appetite, burned it off through activities. Now however, it seems the pull of gravity has changed my body and I'm not so busy. The bottom line as I have thought this through, is that when I was a child and my Dad left us we were actually put out of our house. The few belongings I had consisted of comic books, baseball cards and my treasured ball. My Mother told me to give them all to the boy next door. His last name was Adams and I didn't like him at all. Talk about a hard thing! I would have much preferred to give it to one of the black kids in the alley. When we left early the next morning we had the clothes on our back, a wagon, sheets and an iron. I guess Mother figured on taking in ironing which is exactly what happened. You ask, what does this have to do with my appetite? Well, we lived in one rat hole after another on the North Side of Pgh....and were literally starving. One neighbor who was very old made us spaghetti with only parmesean cheese (thick I might add) and we were so grateful, however with every bite we needed to wash it down with a mouthful of water. Anyway, I was always hungry and as I got older it didn't diminish my appetite at all. Maybe in my subconscience mind I think if I let any food pass by me, I will starve. Come to think of it...I am an emotional eater.
Since I have written this out....I am now (after all these years) asking God to help me in this area. I watch my dear JB and the control he has in this and other areas and need to learn from him. He is the most disciplined person I know....Lord, help me be more like him in this area and "Thank you for matching us up".


Blogger Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Mary Ann, most women are emotional eaters, since most women are emotional and we tend to approach most situations in life with emotions, and if food happens to be nearby..... but God is good to match us up with an other half who complements us - like two hands together - filling in the gaps. If I'm frustrated or mad everything in me is screaming chips!!!xoxoox

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